What Is the Best IP Camera on The Market?

What is the best IP camera on the market

IP cameras WiFi have been a true revolution in video surveillance systems . Until very recently, the intervention of a professional was necessary to mount a security system, currently, anyone can install a security IP camera.

Another great revolution for Wi-Fi IP cameras has to do with Internet access: currently about 86% of homes in the US are connected to the network.

It is normal that people concerned about the security of their home, end up installing a surveillance camera to see from the mobile.

There are many IP cameras WiFI for sale, offering all kinds of outdoor or indoor surveillance solutions ,adaptable to any place, even without electricity, thanks to wireless surveillance cameras without cables.

As the variety is so great, we have tried to simplify the search for you by selecting a small group of cameras that would be within a selection as the best IP camera on the market.

What Is the Best Wifi Camera on The Market?

With the advent of Wi-Fi cameras, it has never been so easy and cheap to keep our home safe. 

It is no longer necessary to pay monthly fees to be protected in your home or business.

Now you can go quietly on vacation, leave your pet alone or keep an eye on your baby. You only need to access your camera from your mobile phone, to know what is happening.

The installation and configuration of wifi surveillance cameras does not require specialized technicians; anyone can install a camera in a few minutes.

So, if you want to install a wifi camera at home these days, you have no excuse. 

Which Wifi IP Camera to Buy? Best Quality Price Wifi Surveillance Camera

Xiaomi Outdoor Wifi IP Camera

Yi Security Camera Outdoor, 1080p

The YI 1080P IP camera allows you to view high quality images at a good distance, even at night, since with its 12 infrared LEDs it offers excellent night vision up to 15 meters away.

Another great advantage of this camera is the option to move the image, so that “live”, you can manage what you want to see of everything that the camera captures.

Not only does it have an excellent image resolution thanks to its wide angle, you can record everything that happens on a 128GB card or upload the images to the cloud.

To the usual motion detection systems, we must add the possibility of setting up a deterrent alarm,that will start when we want, adjusting the sensitivity of the camera.

The camera meets the IP65 level of waterproofing , which allows it to operate and record in extreme heat, cold or rain.

A great buy if you are concerned about safety. Remember that if you store your images in the cloud, no one will have access to them, even if your camera is stolen.


  • Image quality and recordings: 1080P Full HD
  • Night vision: Range 15 meters
  • Viewing angle: 110º
  • Sound: Bidirectional
  • Alerts: Movement
  • Home automation: Compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant
  • Storage: 128GB micro SD card or Xiaomi Cloud service
  • Dimensions: 6.8 cm wide x 13.2 cm deep x 7 cm high

Buyers’ Opinion

” Awesome outdoor security cameras for the price. Very easy to setup, just plug, use app on the phone, follow the instruction and done.

I already had 2 Yi indoor cameras that facing the front door and garage door. Bought the outdoor 2 packs to install and monitoring the swimming pool area. Here are my options:” 

The Sricam SP017 camera is one of the best sellers for indoor surveillance, as it has a fantastic value for money.

Among its main characteristics, it should be noted that it is a 360º camera, capable of detecting movement and following it until its completion.

When a movement is detected, you will receive an alert to the mobile, and from the application you can rotate and orient the camera, as well as zoom to check that everything is in order.

Another of its features is bidirectional sound. The camera incorporates a microphone and speaker, so it can be very practical as a surveillance camera for babies or pets, with which we need to interact.

The quality of the images is 1080p. They can be stored in the camera itself, which has a Micro SD card slot of up to 128GB.


  • Image quality and recordings: 1080P Full HD
  • Night vision: Range 10 meters
  • Viewing angle: Horizontal: 70°, Vertical: 53.6°, Diagonal: 90°
  • Sound: Bidirectional
  • Alerts: Motion Detection
  • Pan: 355° & Tilt: 90°. Supports 5 preset positions function.
  • Home automation: Compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant
  • Storage: 128GB micro SD card or Xiaomi Cloud service
  • Dimensions: 6.8 cm wide x 13.2 cm deep x 7 cm high

Buyers’ Opinion

“We bought 5 of these cameras to place around the house to help us keep an eye on my aging mom when we aren’t there.

Yes, she gave us permission. We’re not creepers. Each of these installed easily. Just follow the easy to follow instructions. They stay connected. Come back up quickly after a power cycle. Very impressed with the night vision capabilities. …”

IeGeek cameras are perfect for outdoor surveillance. It does not matter how far the camera is from the router, as it incorporates a 5dBi antenna, which offers a much more stable Wi-Fi connection than other similar models.

The image quality is very good (1080p HD) even in night vision, as it incorporates 36 IR LED lights, which offers much sharper colors and images. Also its range is perfect, at night it is capable of recording images from 30 meters away.

It has a system to prevent accidental power outages, so that recordings are not lost. The camera has an external SD card slot.

We can configure alerts for movement or noise, receive push notifications or email.

  • Image quality and recordings: 1080P HD
  • Night vision: Range 30 meters
  • Angle of view: 110º
  • Sound: Bidirectional
  • Alerts: Movement
  • Domotics:
  • Storage: 128GB micro SD card or FTP
    Dimensions: 19.6 x 10.8 x 9.8 cm

Buyers’ Opinion

“I’m a retired electrical engineer and field electrician…my review here is based on my experience over the last few days…I will update as needed…first why did I buy this?

1. Anything with batteries needs to be replaced or recharged…but battery type cameras do not have the same nightime infrared capabilities like this one…it would quickly drain the batteries…this cameras low voltage transformer plugs into a standard socket ….it’s not using anymore wattage than say a mobile phone…but it doesn’t have to worry about using up two tiny aa batteries. ..so it’s full featured. …all commercial cameras operate like this.

2. I liked that it promised long range wifi…”

If you need to monitor a large outdoor area , one of the best options is to get an outdoor motorized camera , such as INQMEGA , with 1080p HD image quality.

The camera leaves practically nowhere to hide: it has a 355º horizontal and 155º vertical rotation.
Among its functionalities it has a motion and noise sensor, with bidirectional audio.

If the camera detects an event within its surveillance area, we will receive an alert to the mobile , so we can access what is happening live.

In addition to warning, the camera will start recording. The recordings are stored in the camera itself, for which it has a slot for a micro SD card of up to 64GB.

  • Image quality and recordings: 1080P HD
  • Night vision: Range 30 meters
  • Angle of view: 355° horizontal and 70° vertical 
  • Sound: Bidirectional
  • Alerts: Movement
  • Domotics:
  • Storage: 128GB micro SD card or FTP
    Dimensions: 6.69 x 6.69 x 3.94 inches

Buyers’ Opinion

“Wow! I am so glad I came across this camera! I would really recommend the camera, as it was pretty easy to set up. (I may be a little more of a complicated user, since I actually have another program that records multiple cameras.)

The picture quality is great! Setup was pretty easy – all you have to do is hold your phone in front and it does the rest.

I contacted support on a question and they got back to me very quickly, and seemed to really want to make sure my questions were answered.

I will definitely be replacing my other cameras with this one.”

A Wi-Fi surveillance camera is a camera that captures images and sounds, which are subsequently transmitted through a Wi-Fi signal to a router or directly to the Internet, using a SIM card.
Wi-Fi security cameras can be used both inside and outside of homes.

Its popularity is based on how easy it is to install, since it is not necessary to use any type of connection cable.
Some Wi-Fi cameras are completely wireless, they do not need a wired connection to the Internet, nor to the network, since they work with battery.

Inside they are often used as cameras to monitor babies or pets, while outside, they serve to protect homes from theft and vandalism.

For a wifi camera to work, the first thing we need is a wifi connection to the internet. Currently all the routers that we install at home have a Wi-Fi connection, so that our camera can be connected to the router without any problem.

Manufacturers of Wi-Fi cameras, which are designed to be controlled from a mobile phone, have their own apps, which allow the camera and our phone to connect using the Internet. They are the perfect complement to other security systems.

Once the camera is running, its operation is autonomous, it follows some guidelines that we have set through the app. That is why some call it an intelligent camera, without being artificial intelligence, it is quite similar.

  • Upon detecting noise or movement, it will notify the mobile phone that an event is occurring .
  • Some cameras use push notifications, while others use email, take a picture or record for a few seconds and send us the file.
  • Once the notification is received, we can access the camera and see what is happening.
  • Cameras with pan tilt zoom system offer us the option of remote rotation of the device and zooming in on the images.
  • In this way there is nothing that is beyond our control.
  • The reproduction of the recording can be done from our mobile phone, accessing the place where the camera has saved them.
  • If it is an external IP camera with an SD card , we can access the recordings stored on the card, if the storage is in the cloud, through the app we will access the recordings stored in the cloud

Wi-Fi cameras with internal software allow us to see everything that happens in their angle of vision , either inside or outside the home, without the need to install any more device, or have to pay monthly fees.

The only thing necessary for them to work properly is to have an Internet connection. Once the camera is installed, we will proceed to connect it with our mobile phone through an app, which will help us to configure the camera and receive notifications.

For sale you can find a wide variety of cameras, each with different functionalities, which cover all kinds of needs.

We can classify them according to several criteria, such as where they are to be installed, how they receive the energy to function, how they work or the design of the camera.

There are only two possible types of location, indoor or outdoor.

The purpose is to monitor what happens inside the house or who accesses the house from the outside. Most cameras are used to control babies or pets.

They are placed outside homes or businesses, with the intention of controlling access to our home or business.

There are three types of wifi cameras according to their design:


They are cameras with an elongated design and a limited angle of view, usually 90º or less. They are used to monitor very specific accesses, such as a door, a window.

Due to their design, they are the most suitable to be installed on walls.

Its angle of view is greater than bullet cameras.

Another point in their favor is their installation, they can be installed on the wall or on the ceiling.

The two previous types are fixed cameras, they are not capable of following a movement when it occurs.

Motorized cameras can be programmed (if the model allows it) to follow movement as it occurs. They take images in a 360º angle, they can be located in any position: wall, ceiling or simply on a piece of furniture (indoor).

Depending on models and designs, most allow you to zoom and square the focus , the motorized ones can also modify their orientation and inclination.

The most modern wifi cameras share functionalities. Even the cheap Wi-Fi camera offers features typical of much more expensive models, although we cannot ask for the same quality.

Almost all indoor or outdoor Wi-Fi cameras have night vision. They can see and record in the dark.

The difference between some models and others is in the quality of the image and the distance at which they are able to capture movements when visibility is reduced.

A basic wifi camera, has night vision of up to 8 meters, the best ones are capable of seeing at 20 or 30 meters, professional video surveillance wifi cameras can capture movements to dozens of meters.

Hidden cameras are becoming more and more frequent. In many places you have to watch, but it is not a good idea for the cameras to be very obvious, such as in a store.

There are laws to protect our privacy, as long as they notify us that they are recording us, hidden wifi cameras can be placed anywhere.

A wifi camera by definition is a wireless camera, but we can go further and buy a wireless camera , which is battery powered. In this case they do not need any type of cable, neither to connect to the Internet, nor to the electrical current.

Within the wireless cameras, we can acquire a surveillance camera with a SIM card. These devices have internal software that works as a server to use IP networks (both local and on the Internet), just like your mobile does.

A Wi-Fi surveillance camera allows us to monitor all kinds of indoor and outdoor spaces.

Surveillance cameras that are placed inside the house usually have the following security objective:

One of the biggest concerns that parents have isthe safety of our children,that is why one of the most common optionsfor indoor Wi-Fi camerasis to monitor babies while they sleep or play.

They also help us to communicate with them, talk to them and calm them if necessary.use, that no one has entered without our permission, that everything is calm and under control.

In addition to controlling babies, surveillance cameras help us to monitor our pet , check that it is in perfect condition while we are not with it.

Also and evident, knowing that nothing happens inside the house, that no one has entered without our permission, that everything is calm and under control.

For those who have a small business, wifi cameras are a perfect alternative to using a security company, avoiding paying expensive monthly fees.

You can monitor offices, warehouses, shops.

When we record in public spaces, we must bear in mind that we must comply with the regulations contained in the Organic Law on Data Protection.

As individuals we cannot record what happens in the street with our camera.

  • The first thing you have to do is register the video file with the Data Protection Agency.
  • In this registration it is necessary to determine who has access to the data and that only he or they can access it. You will be responsible for the installation.
  • Access must be protected by key or password.
    Recordings can only be stored for 30 days.
    Then you should have information forms printed or ready to print.
  • In all accesses to the store there must be a corresponding approved sign , video surveillance zone.
  • Installation of a wifi video surveillance camera
  • Installing a security camera is not complicated, its great success is precisely that anyone can install them, they are Plug & Play electronic devices (plug and play).
  • The first thing to check is if we have an Internet connection, and it is also a good idea to check how much data the camera consumes.
  • If our bandwidth is small, we can consider expanding it with our telephone company.
  • Do not confuse 4G of mobile technology with that of a home router (there is no 4G router).
  • Routers use 2.4GHz or 5GHz WiFi, it is important to know which one our router uses, because some cameras are not compatible with 5GHz.
  • Please check where the camera is installed to see if we have a power outlet nearby. If not, we should consider using a camera without cables , that works with battery.
  • Once the first obstacles of the Wi-Fi connection have been saved and the camera connected to a power outlet, we must download the manufacturer’s app. It will ask us for a password and a user, as well as an email, try to make everything as secure as possible.
  • With the app, we will proceed to configure the access and connection of the camera with the mobile phone . The app is very important, because it is the link between the phone and the camera at all times.
  • We must choose a strong password, which is not easy to decipher so that the connection is totally secure.
  • Once the app is downloaded, we will proceed to connect the camera to the network. To do this, it will ask us to give it access to our Wi-Fi network, the access key (if we have not customized it) is usually under the router.
  • How to choose the best surveillance camera to watch from your mobile?
    The great advantage offered by wifi surveillance cameras is that we have remote access to the camera from our mobile.
  • Wherever we are, we can see live what the camera is capturing, access to recordings, configuration … It may seem that all security cameras are the same, but it is not. Even you realize that if some Wi-Fi surveillance cameras are cheaper than others, it is because they do not have the same functionalities or those that are common, they are better in some models than in others.
  • In any case, we can always find a balance between quality and price , which pays off buying one model over another

To choose the best surveillance camera, you must take into account the main aspects, which determine the quality of a camera:

Image quality

Image quality is the most important point of a camera , since without good quality important details are lost.

If you install a security camera in front of your house, but then you cannot make out a face in a recording, you will tell me what it is for.

The minimum image quality that we must demand from a camera is 720 pixels, ideally 1080 pixels, with HD or Full HD recording.

Another important aspect to assess is that it has night vision , what is its range and the sharpness it offers. Each model has different software, which offers greater or less range, as well as a higher quality of the images captured in low light situations.

Within the image aspect, we must also assess the recording angle offered by the camera. A camera with a 90º angle is not the same as a camera with a 180º wide angle.

What Is the Best Resolution for Wireless Security Cameras?

Cameras with recordings in 720 pixels are cameras with a quality of 1 megapixel, from there, cameras with recordings at 1080 pixels are cameras with a lens of 2 megapixels or more.
If we look a bit, we will see cameras with 4k resolution , but that the recordings offer us at most 1080 pixels Full HD.

What does this mean? That the maximum recording quality is 1080 pixels, but the recorded images will have higher quality, as soon as the camera has a lens with more megapixels.

Sound recording, two-way audio

The best cameras have two-way audio, they incorporate a microphone that will capture all the noises that occur near the camera and a speaker, so that we can interact through the camera: talk.

This functionality is useful, because we will be able to detect if the alarm of the house of a close neighbor goes off, or in the case of receiving a notification and someone is entering our house, warn them to leave, because we will notify the police.

Event detection and notification

Not all cameras have a motion sensor , and if they don’t have a built-in mic, they don’t have a noise sensor either.

Cameras equipped with motion and / or noise sensors are the best to be constantly alert, since, when any type of event occurs, they notify us by means of a push notification or email .
Once the notification is received, we will be the ones who access the camera and decide what to do.

Storage of recordings

All cameras have a storage system for recordings, either an SD card, in the cloud or on an external device, be it a server or an NVR recorder.

The most basic cameras include an SD card slot. In this case, the storage of the images is local, it is saved in the camera.

It has the advantage that the cost is 0. You only need to buy an SD or micro SD card (depending on the manufacturer), which you will access from the app. Your recordings are always available to you.

The storage in the cloud (Cloud) is another option, which already incorporate higher quality models. Some have even given up physical in-camera storage as less secure.

If someone breaks into the house and finds that there is a security camera, they can steal it and if the images are inside the camera, they will take them and destroy the evidence.

However, when the images are stored in the cloud, they are not on the device , totally safe from any attempted theft.

Recordings on a server or NVR are another form of physical recording. All can be compatible in the same camera, obviously depending on the models.

Advantages of Installing a Wifi Surveillance Camera

The great advantage offered by a wifi surveillance camera is a total control of the security of our home, with a very low price.

Anyone can install a wifi camera at home, without having to pay monthly fees to a security company.

Listed the advantages they offer us are:

Direct access to any event that the camera is registering at the moment, be it live images or any type of noise.
Recording schedule and configuration.

Depending the camera models, different recordings can be configured: continuous recording, by motion or noise detection or by time lapses.


Wi-Fi cameras are cheap, maintenance-free, no need to pay expensive monthly fees.


One of the great advantages of IP surveillance cameras is that they can be expanded with more cameras and, in some models, add additional security systems, such as sirens, presence detectors, smoke or water detectors.

Plug & Play installation.

It is very easy to install and configure a Wi-Fi camera, in just three steps: plug in, download the app and connect to the Internet, we are in a position to have an operational security camera.

Maximum security for our home. Once installed, a security camera becomes an active and passive security system.

Active because they observe and record everything that happens. But it is also passive, since it acts as a deterrent system against intruders, so when we install an outdoor camera it should be in a visible place.

Where can you buy a wifi surveillance camera?

Currently, it is very easy to buy a wifi camera using the Internet. It is not necessary that you move from your living room to buy, you also have access to the entire catalog of surveillance cameras, being able to choose the one that best suits your needs and budget.

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