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What Are Wired Home Security Cameras?

In this article, we will discuss what are wired home security cameras, their pros and cons and the top 10 best selling wired security cameras in the market today.

Wired, Wireless and Wire-free Security Cameras

When comes to the types of security cameras, there is a lot of confusion around the wired, wireless, and wire-free security cameras.  The term wire is used just to denote how these cameras transmit their footage and how they are powered. Let’s briefly explain as follows:

A Wired Security camera uses a cable for power and to transmit its footage. Whereas Wireless and Wire-free cameras transmit the feeds over WiFi.

Here again, there is a difference in how they are powered. Wireless Cameras use a cable to get power from an AC outlet, while Wire-free cameras are powered by batteries.

Wired Security Cameras

Again, there are two types of wired security cameras, based on the type of recorder used, namely the digital video recorder (DVR) and the network video recorder (NVR). The system normally consists of 4 to 16 security cameras

The cameras record round the clock and all are connected via cables. You can also connect the system to the internet through the cable and view the camera feeds remotely. The cameras get the power from DVR and NVR so you don’t need to plugin separately for power.

Top10 Best Wired Outdoor Security Cameras

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The above-mentioned cameras are the top 10 best wired outdoor security cameras, which rated high in their category due to the features, price, and performance.

Features of DVR and NVR


  • Used traditionally
  • Process the video data at the recorder
  • Used with analog cameras
  • Use coaxial cable
  • Solely a wired system

Pros & Cons of DVR



Major Features of NVR

  • More modern and advanced
  • Use ethernet or PoE cable
  • High-quality videos
  • Features like 2-way Audio and motion detection
  • Decode and Process the video data at the camera
  • Mostly used with IP cameras
  • Can be wired and wireless

Pros & Cons of NVR cameras



Pros & Cons of Wired Security Cameras



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