Schlage Encode Doorbolt Review

Schlage Encode Doorbolt Review: Everything about Schlage Encode is wonderful as this innovative lock is going to change how you use your house hereafter. Super easy to install, solid built and durable, easy to program, user-friendly apps, and easy to connect with Alexa.

Key-haters and Frequent Visitors

This lock is ideal for those who don’t want to carry keys or have frequent visitors to your house. And most of all,  you don’t have to leave the garage open for the kids. You will perhaps wonder how really you missed using this handy device earlier to replace the keyed lock.
If you have frequent visitors to your house, you will definitely love the ability to set up temporary pins (up to 100) for people to enter the house. Not only that, but you will also have the “log” of such visits. 

Built-in WiFi

The lock comes with an in-built Wi-Fi that ensures that your lock is always connected to the Internet. Every time someone comes in and goes out or when someone enters pins or uses the thumb lock, it notifies your cell phone instantly. It is compatible with the 2.4GHz WiFi network, while it doesn’t need the use of an external hub or WiFi adapter.
Schlage Encode is extremely helpful to elderly people with limited mobility and those having a hard time with keys. There’s also a built-in alarm and you can set it to trigger on occasions like forced entry. The lock allows you to remotely manage it through the Schlage Home app or Amazon Key.
Even if the lock is automatic, you are given the option to use a key or the built-in keypad, or a phone app, all provided together. The factory reset feature should be a great relief to sort out issues like failures to access a firmware upgrade or so.

Dual Apps to Support

The beauty of the deal is that you don’t have to purchase an extra accessory/hub to connect to your lock from anywhere.
However, it is a bit confusing about the two apps supporting the lock, the Schlange App, and Amazon Key. But you’ll need both. Both apps have Auto-Lock setting.


In Schlange App, you may use the settings icon at the bottom of the page and choose “Auto-Lock Delay”.  For the Amazon- key go to “Settings” in the main menu, select the lock name and look for Auto Re-lock.
The lock definitely adds extra security to your house even without requiring a smart home or security system to prevent illegal access.  

What is inside the Pack

Schlage Encode Smart WiFi Deadbolt-parts for installation

  1. Schlage Encode Smart WiFi Deadbolt
  2. Batteries
  3. Backup Key
  4. Lockset
  5. Quick Start Guide


Features & Benefits – Summary
      • Schlage Encode Smart WiFi Deadbolt
      • Assisted by Home app or Key by Amazon app
      • Control and Monitor Remotely
      • Auto Unlock & Lock
      • Built-in alarm technology
      • Track of Every Entry & Exit
      • Compatible with Ring, Key by Amazon, Schlage Home App
      • Voice Assistant Alexa, Google Assistant
      • Product Dimensions: 2.24 x 3 x 5.47 inches
      • Item Weight: 2.8 pounds
      • Batteries: 4 AA batteries 
      • Battery Cell Type: Alkaline
      • Style: Camelot
  • Easy Installation; No drillin

  • Mechanically it is robust
  • Integration with home WiFi is easy
  • Schlage Home app is great, easy to program
  • Best for elderly, short term rental or service worker access 
  • Can Share Access Entry to Anyone Remotely
  • Cons

    • In dark nights screen is totally black
    • A bit confusing about the two apps used to control it




    How to Install Schlage Encode Smart Wifi Deadbolt 

    You may require the following tools for installation
    1. A ruler or tape measure
    2. Philips Screwdriver
    Before installing, make sure that your WiFi network is secured and you have the password ready to set up your Schlage Encode lock after installation.
    Follow the instructions in the manual and proceed with the step-by-step process. You will have to go through the steps briefly described below:


    First off, remove the existing deadbolt. If your door has a backset (i.e., the distance from the door edge to the center of the large hole) measuring 2-3/4″ and above, you will need to lengthen the deadbolt by twisting it.

    Install the bolt into the door and follow it with the reinforcement plate. Now install the touchscreen on the exterior of the door and the backplate in the interior. Secure the backplate with screws. 

    Connect the cable. Tuck the cable and connector in the space above the spindle and secure the lock to the door. Install the battery in the holder.
    Now, you can set up your lock in the following steps.
    1. Open your door
    2. Enter one of the two default user codes.
    3. Your lock will enter a setup routine.
    When the bolt stops moving, the setup is complete and your lock is successfully installed.

    Q & A

    If I have a power outage will a pre-programmed code still work
    Answer: Yes. It operates on batteries. However, you will not be able to use the app to access the lock during a power outage as your wifi will most likely be off too. Power is off. That does not affect the normal lock/unlock functionality.
    Does the keypad light up?
    Answer: Press the “House” button on the lower left-hand side of the keypad and it will light up without entering a number.
    Is there a monthly or yearly subscription FEE associated to the optimal usage of this item?
    Answer: No – just battery replacement (4 AA, about every six months).


    Is it possible to put 2 locks on 1 door and both work simultaneously?

    Answer: No. They will work on two independent setups and their own lock and unlock control.

    Will the app notify if someone unlocks the door with a physical key? Answer: Yes, It should. 



    Schlage Encode Doorbolt Review: Conclusion 

    Schlage has been leading brand in the lock sector creating stylish, innovative door hardware for nearly a century. The Encode version is the latest from its bundle with multiple advanced features. You can program codes right from your phone, it tells you when it was unlocked and how. You can lock and unlock it from your phone, and it tells you the status of the lock, whether it’s locked or unlocked. Programmable to a lot of code. If you are spending time researching for an efficient keypad lock from a trustworthy brand, then there is no need to looking further.

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