Remo Over the Door Camera Review

Why Remo DoorCam is considered as the Best Over-the-Door Camera in the market today?

First off, Remo DoorCam is designed to implement a great idea. An idea of setting a surveillance system in a restrictive environment.  As an over-the-door camera, it is ideal for rented buildings,  where drilling holes on properties is not possible. In fact, Remo cam is said to be the first and the only camera in its category with all features of any typical security camera. It comes with some of the premium features, including two-way audio and motion detection.

There may be similar cameras designed for rented buildings. But when it comes to apartments, dorms etc., people go for Remo Cam for convenience, ease of installation, and portability.


What is Special about Remo Over-the-Door Camera

It is important that unlike other cameras, you can mount  Remo DoorCam without damaging the property.

Great for your doors and walls; with no peepholes!

This door cam provides almost everything you need from a surveillance system. It is simple and wire-free; means it can function without having any messy cables around it.

It comes with a built-in two-way talk, night vision, and motion- detection features.

over the door camerareview The installation of the camera is a breeze. So, you don’t need any professional support for it. It can be instantly installed, as practically, you need to simply hang the camera over the door.

The important thing is that only the camera is kept outside the door. You can direct the camera lens to your entryway to capture a clear view of what is happening outside the door. That is best achieved as the camera has a wide-angle lens of a 160-degree view.

User-Friendly Remo+App

By using the Remo+app, you can have a live view of your doorway on your mobile at any time. You’ll get a notification on your phone when the camera detects a visitor. And the two-way talk feature enables you to communicate with anyone at your door. 

You can customize the motion sensor function of the camera to detect any activity in its field of view. The company also offers cloud recording and access to videos within the last 30 days, including missed activities for a charge.

Minimized Signal Disruption

Except for the camera, the rest of the system namely, the battery, Wi-Fi chipset and antenna are all inside the home.

Over the Door Camera- Remo DoorCam

One of the complaints often heard about Wi-Fi connected cameras is that the thick building materials disrupt signals that can cause delays in receiving alerts, video/audio live feed, recording etc. Here, by keeping the Wi-Fi chipset and antenna connected to the router indoor, that problem is minimized.

The camera and the battery body part are fitted on an adjustable bracket, which in turn, is placed in the gap between the top rail and the upper casing of the door. So, you don’t have to make any extra fittings or provision to mount the camera.

Remo DoorCam runs on three D non-rechargeable batteries that last for up to about 12 months. D cells are mainly used in devices requiring excess current use for a longer duration. You can easily replace the battery with new cells from inside the home. 

Tenants love this stylish camera as it is portable and easy to uninstall and carry wherever you move or change dorms or offices. It leaves no scratch of being fitted there once on the top rail of the door. 

Features- Summary

  • HD Videos- High quality 720p videos
  • 160-degree wide-angle- Larger field of view (FOV)
  • Two-way Talk- Easy communication with the visitor
  • PIR sensor & Night vision- Effective motion detection and visibility
  • Live view- On-demand live streaming
  • Powered by three D batteries- Perform for a longer duration
  • Weather Resistant- Suitable for outdoor purpose as it can withstand adverse weather
  • Cloud Recording- Offer of access to all videos
  • Work with Alexa and Google Home device

How to Install Over-the-Door Camera

Install the Remo over the door camera is easy with the help of the Remo+app. For that, first you have to download the app. Here are the steps.

Make sure that your mobile is connected to Wi-Fi.

Then download and launch the app. Access the login page. Enter all the information called for and sign up.

Now, insert the three  D-type batteries into the battery slots on the body and press the status button.  The DoorCam’s status LED light should ­light up.

Now return to the Remo app, and select your time zone and leave the app open.

Switch to your phone’s Wi-Fi settings and connect it to the network DoorCam. You will get a message showing the availability of the internet. Tap “okay”.

And Done.

If so, switch back to the Remo app and press continue.

Now, select your home’s Wi-Fi network, enter the password, then press continue.

Thus, you will complete the registration in the Remo app. Secure the battery cover using a screwdriver.

Now Installing DoorCam

Loosen the body ­of the camera using a hex wrench. Screw it to adjust the gap of the bracket so that it comes closer to the door and fix it tightly.

You can share the DoorCam view with up to 5 iOS or Android devices. 

Remo Door Camera

What you Dislike About Remo Over-the-Door Camera

No doubt, Remo DoorCam is a great concept product, but it doesn’t work with all types of doors. It is compatible with doors of a certain thickness (1-3/8″ to 2″ thick) and that are push to enter.

For thin doors, you may have to do extra adjustments for the camera to work properly. 

When it comes to apartments, people like Remo DoorCam for it is easy to mount. Its angled slide can make for a full view of activity.

But some dwellers argue that its high mount lets you see mostly the top of the visitor’s head. And the camera often misses capturing people coming from sides. 

For individual cases, issues like lag in alerts or recordings may crop up due to wrong customization or environmental nature.


Video Quality: The video quality is good but it is not a full HD camera and the video content is very short. The Infrared night vision helps you see motion and answer calls day & night.

Audio Quality: Two-way audio is good. You can speak with the visitor and listen to him properly with full-duplex audio, from the comfort of your current position.

Motion Detection: Motion detector has a  slight delay in capturing activity. It often generates false alarms. You can sort it out by optimizing the level of sensitivity.

The Remo+ App: The Remo+ app is simple and user-friendly. The app has got some updates recently in response to issues raised earlier like the inability to activate the camera through the app.

Moreover, Remo DoorCam is the world’s first and only wireless over-the-door smart camera with an indoor Wi-Fi connection. So, there is room for firmware upgrade; particularly about the 3-5 seconds delay in recording activity.

Having said that, it is hard to beat the convenience and simplicity of this conceptual device.

  • Simple and Easy to Install

  • Wire-free and Neat Look

  • Less Disruption of Signals

  • Good Video Quality 720p

  • 160 degree Wide Angle View

  • Work with Alexa and Google Home Device

  • Not Full HD Camera

  • Delay in Recording Activity (being rectified in updates)

  • False Alarms (being rectified in updates)


Q & A

Do you have to subscribe to the Cloud plan for the Camera to work?
Answer: No. The Cloud plan is for saving videos. So that you can view it later according to your convenience. Also, you will have access to 30 days of past activity. Even without subscribing to the cloud plan, the camera will work normally. You will continue to get alerts, you can see and communicate with your visitors, and access your activity.

What is the radius this cam covers from the front door?
Answer: It covers 160 degrees, assuming no visual interference and up to a distance of approximately  75ft from the front door.

Does this work on 5.0GHz WiFi?
Answer: No. It is compatible with 2.4GHz only. 

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