Finding the Best Wi-Fi Smart Touchscreen Lock 2020

Best Wi-Fi Smart Lock 2020


Best Wi-Fi Smart Lock 2020



Yale Wifi Smart Lock, a leader in its class, has made the traditional mechanical lock and key system insignificant. This is for anyone who hates carrying keys and wants to dump it for a user-friendly replacement. 

This lock shines the most in its simplicity and the fully-loaded app, the August Connect.

Best Wi-Fi Smart Lock 2020- Auto Unlock & lock Feature

Using the app, you can automate the lock’s full functionality. For instance, your door auto unlocks when you return home, and auto-locks behind after you enter. You don’t have to pull your key or phone out of your pocket or activate any application for this. 

The automatic lock and un-lock functionality is triggered by your phone’s presence within a range while Bluetooth turned on. It means, automatic unlocking works based on the distance of your phone from the lock. You can control it through Bluetooth or WiFi with the app.

You can also unlock and lock your home with ease manually using the backlit touchscreen keypad.  By creating unique entry codes, you can allow access entry to your house to your friends and family. The keypad can be used for people to enter the code to unlock. You can also remove the codes whenever you wish.

Similarly, you can allow access to anyone to enter your house,  just by clicking a button in the application on your phone with the WiFi connectivity.

Dual Lock System

Although Yale WiFi smartphone does virtually replace the key, it doesn’t fully eliminate the use of a key. Rather the lock represents a dual system; electronic and lock and key. So, you also have a key backup here, if electronics fail and shut you out from your house.

The beauty is that the lock can work with Alexa, Google Assistant, or Siri. Alexa can also notify you when your battery is running out, so you can replace them on time. You can set up smart reorders through Dash Replenishment to make sure you always have replacement batteries.

Yale Wifi Smart Lock Touchscreen is well built and so aligned that it is light and effortless to close the door. The outer parts of the lock are metallic and glass and feel very sturdy. The inner portions have some plastic largely for the battery and cover.


Features & Benefits Summary

      • Yale Assure Lock Touchscreen
      • Style- Lock Only
      • Power Source- 4 Aa Batteries
      • Battery Cell Type- Alkaline
      • Compatible with Home Automation and Security Systems 
      • Assisted by August App 
      • Check Lock Status of Your Door 
      • Lock and Unlock Your Door from Anywhere
      • Unlock by Entering Your Code on The Keypad
      • Auto Unlocks as You Get Home and Locks Behind You
      • Real-Time Notification
      • Share Access with People You Trust
      • Smarter Hosting with Airbnb and Home Away

What is included in the pack

  1. Yale Assure Lock Touchscreen connected by August Module
  2. August Connect Wi-Fi Bridge
  3. August DoorSense
  4. Deadbolt
  5. Strike Plate
  6. Mounting Hardware
  7. Installation Manual, 2 keys

  • Strong Metallic and Glass Built and Durable

  • Two Keys for Back-Up

  • Auto-Functionality

  • Work with Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri

  • Can Share Access Entry to Anyone Remotely

  • A Lag in Auto Unlock 

  • A Bit Confusing Between the Yale & August Apps

  • Needs Better Documentation





Best Wi-Fi Smart Lock 2020-Assisted by August Connect

Yale Wifi Smart Lock Touchscreen is operated by using the August Connect app developed by a San Francisco based startup, named August Home. This is pursuant to the acquisition integration after Assa Abloy, owners of Yale door-lock line acquired August Home in 2017. 

Installation of  August Connect app

August Connect is practically a Wi-Fi bridge between August Servers and Yale WiFi Smart Lock. By installing it on your mobile, you can operate the smart lock remotely. The phone must be compatible with the lock system/app.

Before beginning the installation, check your device has Wi-Fi turned on and is connected with your phone.

For optimal performance and reliability, plug August Connect into a power outlet within 15 feet from the lock. It can be on the opposite or adjacent wall.

Wait for the flashing green light on your August Connect. If you don’t see the flashing green light press and hold the button on your August Connect for 5 seconds.

Now access the August App.

  • Go to the side menu, tap Set Up New Device.
  • Select Set Up ‘An August Connect’.
  • Choose the lock with which to associate your Connect.

When prompted, plug Connect into the outlet and follow the in-app instructions.

The accessory setup interface will ask you to choose your home Wi-Fi network.

Once your Connect has successfully joined your home Wi-Fi network, the August App will check the signal levels of your Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections.

If your signal levels are strong, don’t go any further. If your signal levels are poor, adjust the location of your Connect as per instructions.


Question & Answer–Best Wi-Fi Smart Lock 2020

Is it possible to use more than one phone to unlock with the proximity feature?
Answer: Yes! You can do it by using the August app installed on other phones also and Bluetooth turned on.


How to enter the house, if the battery is run out while you’re out of the house?

Answer:  In such a situation, you can use a 9V battery to power your locks’ battery temporarily.  Hold the 9V battery to the terminals located below the keypad to give the lock temporary power and just enter your code on the keypad.
Will it work for a vrbo rental 2 hours away from home? 
Answer: Yes it will! However, Wi-Fi is needed in the home.
Will it work on a steel door, and what are spec requirements?
Answer: It work on steel or wood doors. The door needs to be 1-3/4″ to 2-1/4″ thick, have a backset of 2-3/8″ or 2-3/4″ and have a borehole that’s 2-1/8″
Is there a provision or a button on the outside keypad to lock the door?
Answer: No, there is no lock button. The best part is that you can lock the door by simply touching any button! Alternatively, you can enable auto-relock so you even don’t have to do anything.
Does this actually support Z-wave?
Answer: This Connected by August model does not support Z-Wave. However, its  Bluetooth, WiFi, Alexa, Google Assistant, and HomeKit are compatible.
Does this work with your original key/deadbolt? 
Answer: This replaces your existing lock and key. Rather it comes with  2 physical keys
If I buy more than one lock, would they all be visible within the same interface/app?
Answer: Absolutely; Unlimited number of locks to one app.

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