August Smart Lock Homekit Enabled- Review



August SmartLock Homekit Enabled is an amazing Smart Home security gadget with a great design and ‘connects from anywhere’ features. It uses Bluetooth to know when to auto-unlock, as it would every time you walk back home. So, if your phone’s Bluetooth is turned on and the set up is properly done, the door should unlock when you approach it from outside. 

Don’t you think it is great? Because most likely when you return home you will have your hands full. And the worst thing you want to do is to scramble for your keys inside your pocket.

Triggers Unlocking Closer to The Lock

Here the proximity of your phone is very important. Also, the block that connects with the Bluetooth that communicates with WiFi has to be within 5ft of the door. If you are within a specific range with your phone, it will trigger the lock system to respond.

On the other hand, if you choose not to automate the lock, the keypad is a great alternative. With the keypad, the one-touch lock and unlock is easy and super fast.

You can still treat the lock the traditional way to unlock; use the key from outside and just turn the cylinder from inside.

Virtual Keys for Friends and Family

Another major advantage is that you can create unique pins for your friends to allow temporary or recurring access to your house. They will have to download the app on their phone to use it. The great thing about these “virtual keys” is that they can’t share them with others.

The virtual key function is most useful when parents or family visit especially if arriving late at night. It is also ideal for people with grownup children, visitors, dog walkers, etc.

The August SmartLock comes with DoorSense, which is something unique in this category of Door Locks. DoorSense lets you know the current status of your door, whether the door is open, ajar, or close. So, you can monitor and control and your door always from anywhere.

Petty Issues Can Hamper Performance

There can be instances when the SmartLock would not lock despite tweaking it several times. Who knows perhaps it may be the existing thicker weather stripping that prevents the lock align properly with the deadbolt hole. It is better to replace it with a thinner stripping. So check such ‘minor’ things before suspecting a “lock jammed” error.

Also, before ordering the Smartlock, please confirm that your door hangs properly and the deadbolt is aligned correctly with the hole. Obviously, it needs as little friction as possible.

It is also important to note that the Smartlock will not work properly with doors with windows due to limited clearance. The lock’s wing latches need to be fully extended in order to secure the device properly on the mounting plate.

Over-sized Lock

A point often heard against the August Smart Lock is that it is huge and ugly. Then you will also appreciate that it has to be big enough to house two AA batteries, a motor to turn the knob, and electronics to make it a perfect lock.  

It may look “ugly” to your eyes but works great. Its functions beat the looks by miles.

The lock’s integration with HomeKit and Alexa and other smart devices is perfect. You can tell her “Alexa, lock the front door” and she will do it. But “Alexa, unlock the front door” doesn’t work; instead, she will ask for a 4-digit pin. This is because anyone could just shout the command from outside to unlock the door.

So you can unlock the door from anywhere in the house by feeding the code to any of the Echos around your house.

What is inside the Pack

  1. August SmartLock Pro
  2. August Connect Wi-Fi Bridge
  3. DoorSense Sensor
  4. 4 AA Batteries,
  5. Lock Adapter
  6. Mounting Hardware


Features & Benefits – Summary
      • August SmartLock Homekit Enabled
      • Assisted by August Connect
      • Control and Monitor Remotely
      • Auto Unlock & Lock
      • DoorSense to Provide Current Status
      • Smart Lock Pro + Connect
      • Track of Every Entry & Exit
      • HomeKit & Alexa Compatible
      • Certified Z-Wave Plus home product
      • Product Dimensions: 3.4 x 2.22 x 3.4 inches 
      • Item Weight: 13.9 ounces
      • Batteries: 4 AA batteries 
      • Battery Cell Type: Alkaline
      • Style: With Connect



  • Super easy to install

  • HomeKit integration

  • Customizable Auto-locking

  • Provision for key usage

  • Work with Alexa 

  • Can Share Access Entry to Anyone Remotely

  • The app is a bit slow to lock and unlock

  • Requires Bluetooth to be on to use auto-unlock

  • Doesn’t have any error checking if Bluetooth strucks

  • A bit over-sized



How to Install August Smart Lock Homekit Enabled 

The installation is simple, following the extremely intuitive mobile instructions. 




Schlage Encode Smart WiFi Deadbolt


Q & A

Can you hook the Bluetooth connection up to more than 1 phone? 
Answer: Yes you can have multiple users. 

How to address the lock’s performance issues due to miscalibration?

Answer: If the Smart Lock stops operating, it may require recalibration. Refer to the manual for it. First off, open the lock faceplate and remove and reinsert one battery. Confirm you are within Bluetooth range of your lock. Open the August App and navigate to the affected lock, Select Lock Settings, Scroll to and tap on Calibrate Lock, Follow in-app instructions to recalibrate This should correct lock performance issues due to miscalibration.

Why August SmartLock use only AA Batteries?

Answer: The August Smart Lock is powered by 4 AA batteries. It is important that you replace all 4 batteries at the same time. The suggested batteries are only standard alkaline batteries. Lithium and extended life alkaline batteries will not give the optimal experience.

Is it possible to put 2 locks on 1 door and both work simultaneously?

Answer: No. They will work on two independent setups and their own lock and unlock control.

Will the app notify if someone unlocks the door with a physical key?
Answer: Yes, It should. 


Although August SmartLock Homekit Enabled appears a bit costly, it offers a pile of benefits and hands-free experience. The very idea of auto-lock and unlock and its execution is amazing and it fulfills the needs of many users. Most importantly, a majority of technical flaws raised can be attributed to the non-compliance of minimum requirements suggested by the manufactures. 



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