6 Cool Gadgets Designed for Your Kitchen

Although the living room is the center of the smart home, there are some great high-tech gadgets you can have in your kitchen, many of them connected and accessible from your smartphone.  The good thing is that all are designed to make your life easier.

There was a time when the center of advances in consumer technology was not the living room or the bedroom. 

With our world full of smart TVs, smartphones, tablets, computers and consoles, it is easy for us to see places like the kitchen, the bathroom or the laundry room as archaic places in our home that are very out of date with the modern and connected lives we lead.

A few decades ago, things were quite different. Most manufacturers of consumer items in general were focused on appliances that filled our kitchens, such as refrigerators, stoves, microwave ovens, coffee makers, and so on, endless gadgets. 

Now, we get the feeling that few advances have been made in these niches, so consumer electronics have moved in other directions.

Well, the fact that they do not have so much media coverage does not make those gadgets cease to exist. In fact, there are a good handful of quite interesting technologies for the kitchen but that in general are quite unknown . 

That’s why we took some time to talk about some great gadgets that could add a more cutting edge touch to your smart kitchen.


Although it is only a conceptual design, this smart refrigerator tries to solve another of the big problems that we commonly face in the kitchen.

You know how it is, you always have more or less the same ingredients in the refrigerator and there comes a point where you don’t want to prepare the same food every day.

Well, the idea is that the refrigerator gives you suggestions based on what is inside. We hope that the idea will crystallize soon.

Probably one of the most unpleasant experiences you can find is breaking an egg in the pan to discover that it is past. 

It seems that this happened too many times to the Egg Minder guys, and to solve the problem, they created this gadget that will warn you when your eggs are too old.

In the same way, it will notify you how many eggs you have left, so that you can replenish the inventory when you go shopping. 

Maybe $ 50 for a smart egg carton might sound like a lot, it all depends on how much you like your eggs and keeping them in check.



Another gadget that fits into the list of 6 Cool kitchen gadgets 2020 is Belkin Crock-Pot Wemo Slow Cooker.

We all know what it’s like to cook something that we know will take some time, and suddenly we remember that we have to go out and make a quick purchase.

The problem in these cases is that this quick purchase could take longer than our pans can expect. Belkin has the solution to that problem with its WeMo Slow Cooker .

This gadget connects to the Internet and will allow us to control what we are cooking from our smartphone.

We can verify and modify the temperature, take the cooking time, and it will even send us notifications in case we forget to be on the lookout.

The best part is that for $ 99 it is one of the most attractive kitchen gadgets we have come across.


A blender is not the first thing that comes to mind when we think of high tech for the kitchen. But the truth is that the Designer 725 from Blendtec has its merit to be noticed seriously.

It is a programmable machine with a touch screen and 6 preloaded programs.

Those who know cooking say you can do wonders with this thing, and for $750 we really hope you do.


If you’re a bit radical about taking exact measurements when you’re in the kitchen, then this precision spoon is perfect for you. 

Capable of quantifying exact volumetric measurements and expressing them for you in four types of units through its LCD screen, it is a simple but highly useful gadget.


The last in our list of 6 Cool kitchen gadgets 2020 is Neuro Fuzzy Rice Cooker.

There is no food more universal than rice. However, preparing delicious rice can be a most complicated art.

If you’re not especially learned, and high tech is your thing, then you need the Neuro Fuzzy Rice Cooker .

As its name says, it is a machine that makes rice, and it literally takes care of the entire process, controlling parameters such as humidity, pressure, heat and more, to make the perfect rice.

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